Guide to Choosing the Right Perfume for your Wife or Girlfriend?

Symbol of femininity, the fragrance is more than a wake, an olfactory signature. Loaded with a strong evocative power, it reflects our personality, embodies our image. Invisible veil and second skin, the scent is chosen with care and tamed, because we are all unique and every skin reacts differently to the substances that make up the juice.

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Define what you like to choose your best perfume

You fall for the freshness of citrus or the elegance of lavender, geranium and oak moss that is the hallmark of ferns? Tuberose is a perfect incarnation of the eternal feminine? You are fan of musk and precious woods that characterize the Orientals? The fragrances are available in seven families (floral, woody, oriental, citrus, ferns, and leather ). Female, male or mixed, they divide themselves into sub-families. To choose her a perfume, one turns to the fragrances that bring honor to our Ramada Lumut Resort favorite notes.

Understanding the structure of the fragrance

A perfume is a construction, symbolized by the olfactory pyramid. Consisting of three levels, it describes the main notes are revealed as and evolution of perfume. Top notes (citrus and herbs) are the most volatile:these are the ones that create the first impression. They disappear in minutes, giving way to the heart of notes (floral, green, fruity or spicy), which reflect the personality of the perfume. Thirdly, the nose perceives the base notes, woody and / or balsamic, which persist for several hours.
To find a juice to use for the perfume, we first feel on a piece of a paper or cloth , spraying it about twenty centimeters to prevent alcohol takes precedence over the top notes. Let stand a few seconds. The fragrance please? Try it inside of your wrist. Do not rub your wrists against each other, at the risk of breaking the odor molecules and distort the juice. If the charm resists the temptation to buy it appears to us immediately and let it evolve within hours. The pH of the skin and lipid levels are in fact vary fragrances and play on their resistance. Over the hours, the fragrance reveals its heart notes, one feels up to 4 hours after spraying, and theeau de toilette base notes, which sometimes persist for several days. These are the base notes which create the olfactory memory.

What difference is there between a Phero X, cologne, eau de toilette, a parfume or extract? Fresh and refined, colognes displayed a percentage of extract between 3 and 5%. eau de toilette contains 8-12% extract, against 12-20% for water scent. The extract, or perfume, provides a concentration of 18 to 30%. The distinction between these categories lies in their concentration of odor molecules, which determines the intensity of the wake and the holding of the juices. The gesture is of course not the same and can contribute to the choice of fragrance. While we generously fantasize with a cologne to enjoy its invigorating and refreshing effect, we apply a few drops of extract on pulse points (hollow wrist, neck, back of the knees …). Eau de toilette evaporates by drawing a large V shoulder to shoulder.